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Student Placement & Training



Work Location:   Princeton, New Jersey 08540


1. Job Title:             Program Administrator

    Job Duties: Develop and coordinate implementation of ESL, test-prep (TOEFL, SAT & SSAT), and summer camp curriculum for high

                      school students; plan and organize training and seminars for bilingual teachers and their assistants; observe and

                      evaluate teachers' instructions, analyze student data and communicate with parents; develop procedures for teachers to

                      implement curriculum; communicate with schools regarding ESL, test-prep and summer camp curriculum and logistics;

                      train teachers and other instructional staff in ESL, test-prep and summer programs; attend program review meetings to

                      assess educational needs; conduct research and recommend changes to teaching methodologies and materials to

                      accommodate students' needs; provide academic counseling to high school students according to their skills, talents,

                      and interests;  recommend and coordinate extracurricular activities to stimulate social, cultural and intellectual

                      capabilities of high school students; provide feedback on students' progress to teachers and parents.


    Job Requirement:   Master’s degree in Education



2. Job Title:             Training and Development Specialist

    Job Duties: Assess training needs through surveys and interviews with local homestay coordinators, admission assistants, and their

                      managers; design, plan, organize, and direct periodic orientation and training programs to help local coordinators and

                      admission assistants improve their job skills; train local coordinators to improve their recruitment and dispute resolution

                      skills for interaction with host families and students, using a variety of instructional techniques or formats, such as case

                      studies, simulations, or role-playing; provide and update online tutoring system for training local coordinator; conduct

                      necessary training on topics of document processing, data collection, and social skills to improve admission assistants'

                      job performance; prepare and draft handouts, guidelines, and manuals of training programs.


    Job Requirement:  Master’s degree in Human Resources Management required



Mail resume to:               Attn:  Ding Li, CEO

                                                 Princeton Educational Services Corporation

                                                101 College Road East

                                                 Princeton, New Jersey 08540


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