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Intensive Marketing:


• Introducing our partner schools to mainland China through our representatives and recruiting agencies to build up the reputation of our partner schools.

• Organizing officials from our partner schools to visit China to directly meet potential students and their families.

• Sponsoring professional forums and press conferences to effectively publicize the schools.

• Using our close relationships with newspapers, magazines and other publishing organizations in China to help market our partner schools.


Recruiting and Interviewing Qualified Students:


• Through our diversified recruiting channels, we seek the most talented students from China.

• We use phone interviews with students, their parents, classmates and teachers to effectively screen qualified students based upon our assessment of the student’s academic performance, social activities, special talents and character. If necessary, our regional representatives will arrange for in-person interviews.

• In some cases, we work with schools in China to verify that the materials and forms submitted by our applicants are genuine.

• In working with schools and test centers in China, we provide exam invigilation services for schools that require placement tests.


Host Family Support:


• Students who are accepted will be recommended to host families using our knowledge of the student’s profile and the host family’s preferences. The family will assist the student with his or her daily living activities, including providing accommodations, food and transportation.

• PEDus will help host families overcome the difficulties caused by language and cultural differences to make the experience an enjoyable and rewarding one.

• The host family will supervise students through monthly communication by phone, in-person casual meetings or student group activities.


Real Time Communication with Parents:


• PEDus fosters the relationship among the partner schools, students, their parents and the host families. Our close cooperation with our partner schools helps the students gain a better understanding of American culture, improves their studies, facilitates their development and brings out their potential.

• We conduct regular communication with parents to discuss their child’s life, possible improvements and future plans.


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